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Saturday, August 16th, 2014

USD Price Change for VPN Packages

We are pleased to announce that we have revised our pricing plans making our 365 days and 180 days package cheaper for USD pricing. This will bring it closer in line with our Malaysian Ringgit pricing due to the appreciation of the Malaysian Ringgit against the US dollar.

Our new Pricing that is coming into force with immediate effect is as follows:


Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Update on IPT Status 9 July 2014: Good news

Dear Customers,

I am pleased to inform you that I have gotten hold of IPT’s founder and we briefly talked. He is away on a business trip and will only be free to talk once when he returns but I believe we can work something out. We did work out some preliminary details which looks very positive but until we finalize this, I rather not say too much and give any false hope. Most likely there will be a small fee for this add-on service that will go directly to IPT but an offer that can only be worked through us.

We hope to finalize the alternative in the next 3-4 days and ask for your patience. The delay is due to him still being away on the business trip and possible code changes that need to be made.

I have yet to decide who exactly should be eligible as to whether it would be a limited number of users who understand that this isn’t part of our service and to keep it small and cosy or continue to offer it to all customers with long term subscriptions. In either case, I will no longer be offering it to customers who have subscriptions that are lower than 180 days.

Best Regards,

Monday, July 7th, 2014

DDoS attack on Customer Portal mitigated for now

We have implemented some new rules to deal with the DDoS attack and are seeing how it holds.

You may experience a slight delay when logging in but otherwise should be unaffected.

Monday, July 7th, 2014

DDoS attack on Customer Portal server

We are experiencing a distributed denial of service attack on our customer portal server that is resulting in random timeouts of the ordering process and also certain errors appearing on the GUI when it tries to communicate with our customer portal server.

These are in the form of SQL injection attacks and XSS attacks.

We are investigating this and working to resolve this. Will update as soon as resolved. Many thanks.

Saturday, May 24th, 2014

CAPTCHA made easier for registration pages

Due to numerous requests from new customers, we have just changed out Captcha system to make it a bit simpler for us humans to figure it out.

To be fair, I couldn’t solve a lot of the CAPTCHAs myself so it the frustration is understandable. Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience!