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Saturday, May 17th, 2014

BolehVPN is now trialling acceptance of DogeCoin

much wowAfter amazing community feedback on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook, we are now trialling acceptance of DogeCoin by allowing it for purchases of our 7 day, 30 day and 60 day packages. To make the deal even sweeter, those paying via DogeCoin would get a 20% discount off these packages!

To get started make sure you have registered an account at our customer portal. Once you have done so, head on over to the DogeCoin payment page. Make sure to enter in your username in the note to Seller so we know which account to activate your package for!

DogeCoin to the moon!

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Minor interruptions for server upgrades

We are rolling out a server wide update to improve some security functions in our VPN servers commencing on the 17 May 2014 12.00 AM GMT+8.

We will do this stage by stage and will complete all upgrades within 24 hours. This will result in some servers going down for a few minutes while it is being restarted but you should be automatically redirected to the next available server unless you’re on one of the configurations which only has one server.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Friday, May 16th, 2014

BolehVPN now has an IRC Channel!

MIRCWe at BolehVPN are a home grown business and we continue to retain many aspects of this in the way we deal with our customers.

We believe that BolehVPN isn’t just about a service but a community of amazing people.

We would like to rekindle this spirit again and have a meeting room of sorts to chat, get ideas and make new friends and hence have revived our IRC channel. 

Old timers and some of our earliest customers since 2007 are very welcome! Would love to see you all again. #bolehvpn

We can take support queries there but as we aren’t monitoring that all the time, best to drop an e-mail to support for the fastest response.

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

TorrentFreak features BolehVPN in how it handled HeartBleed

BolehVPN was featured as one of TorrentFreak’s VPNs that took privacy seriously and therefore we were interviewed on our response to the HeartBleed bug.

All VPN services answered the following questions.

1. What steps has your company taken in response to Heartbleed?
2. In your opinion, what were the risks users faced before these steps were taken?
3. How did you communicate the above to your users?

Our response was as follows:

When the Heartbleed announcement first broke, on the 7th April, we reviewed our servers and customer portal system and found that they did not utilize the affected OpenSSL versions. When OpenVPN released their patch to fix HeartBleed, we immediately implemented this in our own client and released this on the 10th April 2014. Moving forward, our next client release will use OpenVPN 2.3.3 which we hope to release in the coming week.

We are also in the midst of an entire customer portal revamp to improve security and usability which we hope to release in a month or so and are considering a complete reissue of all keys when this is released. The revamp was initiated many months ago and was not as a result of the HeartBleed bug but is in line in our continuing efforts to improve our system’s security.

Our OpenVPN implementation implements tls-auth with Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) would protect past communications from retrospective decryption so the risk is mitigated. In this scenario an attacker can not attack OpenVPN instances without the TLS-auth key. Our customer portal processing system never used the affected OpenSSL versions and remained with the older OpenSSL 0.9.8. Users may request for a manual regeneration of their keys if they wish to be overly cautious by opening a ticket with us.

We sent out an email announcement to all users immediately, as well as a Facebook and Blog post on the 8th April 2014 3.22 PM GMT+8. We then pushed an update to our VPN clients on the 10th April with the patched OpenVPN version as well.

It is to be noted that unlike other VPN providers, we regenerate keys everytime you renew so if your private keys were compromised earlier (and you did not request for a regeneration), it would have been resolved with a renewal.

Monday, May 12th, 2014

Refer a friend and get up to 365 days added to your account!


For a limited time only, get your friends or family to sign up for BolehVPN and get your account extended!

For every friend who joins and purchases a BolehVPN package (non trial), you will earn approximately 50% of the days he/she purchased!


These are the rewards for each referral (for a maximum of 365 days added on to your account even for multiple referrals).

30 Day Package: 15 days added on

60 Day Package: 30 days added on

180 Day package: 90 days added on

365 Day Package: 180 days added on

730 Day Package: 240 days added on (This is because this is a limited time offer at a low price already)


  1. Get your friend to sign up here.
  2. Once he is registered and has paid for a package, send an e-mail to support [a] in the following format:
    Subject: Refer a Friend BolehVPN
    Your BolehVPN username: [          ]
    Username of Friend referred: [          ]
    Package which Friend Purchased: [          ]
    Date of Purchase: [          ]
  3. We will add on your additional days to your account within 1 working day and will receive an e-mail of your package extension.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The person referring must be an active paying customer of BolehVPN’s VPN services. This means the account cannot be a free trial and it must not have expired.
  2. This offer is only valid if the person referred purchases a package of 30 days and above.
  3. For multiple referrals, the maximum number of days that can be added to your account is 365 days. This is to prevent accounts from adding from expiring too far in the future in which we cannot plan for.
  4. Days earned through this referral are NOT exchangeable for cash or refunds.
  5. We strongly frown on mass spamming activities so please do not spam your friends to join us. If we get a complaint of spamming, we reserve the right to not award any points for such referrals.
  6. This offer is valid until the 31 May 2014 but we reserve the right to end it early (just in case we need to ramp up capacity).
  7. Only referrals within the offer period 12 May 2014 - 31 May 2014 will be eligible for this. We will not recognise previous referrals and will not entertain such requests.
  8. This offer does not stack with our existing referral points scheme.
  9. Failure to follow the procedure above may result in days not being awarded or delay.

Affiliate Scheme

If you’re a blog owner and would like to earn cold hard cash instead, head on over to our Affiliate page whereby you can earn cash for every successful referral you make. If you’re a particularly popular blog owner, higher commission tier rates are available.