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Saturday, May 24th, 2014

CAPTCHA made easier for registration pages

Due to numerous requests from new customers, we have just changed out Captcha system to make it a bit simpler for us humans to figure it out.

To be fair, I couldn’t solve a lot of the CAPTCHAs myself so it the frustration is understandable. Thank you for your feedback and sorry for the inconvenience!


Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Should BolehVPN implement blocklists on their servers?

We’ve been considering whether we should implement blocklists on our VPN servers to protect our servers and its users from abuse.

The following are being considered:

  1. Spamhaus (Spammers)
  2. ATMA (attackers, threats, viruses, port scans, explots, DoS, malicious p2p sharers)
  3. Anti-Infringement organizations (only for US/UK servers)

The concern is that some of these IPs may be false positives (but majority aren’t of course). What do you guys think?

This of course is only one line of defence and blocklists alone aren’t good enough but it would hopefully reduce a proportion of it together with our other methods.

Saturday, May 17th, 2014

BolehVPN is now trialling acceptance of DogeCoin

much wowAfter amazing community feedback on Reddit, Twitter and Facebook, we are now trialling acceptance of DogeCoin by allowing it for purchases of our 7 day, 30 day and 60 day packages. To make the deal even sweeter, those paying via DogeCoin would get a 20% discount off these packages!

To get started make sure you have registered an account at our customer portal. Once you have done so, head on over to the DogeCoin payment page. Make sure to enter in your username in the note to Seller so we know which account to activate your package for!

DogeCoin to the moon!

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Minor interruptions for server upgrades

We are rolling out a server wide update to improve some security functions in our VPN servers commencing on the 17 May 2014 12.00 AM GMT+8.

We will do this stage by stage and will complete all upgrades within 24 hours. This will result in some servers going down for a few minutes while it is being restarted but you should be automatically redirected to the next available server unless you’re on one of the configurations which only has one server.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Friday, May 16th, 2014

BolehVPN now has an IRC Channel!

MIRCWe at BolehVPN are a home grown business and we continue to retain many aspects of this in the way we deal with our customers.

We believe that BolehVPN isn’t just about a service but a community of amazing people.

We would like to rekindle this spirit again and have a meeting room of sorts to chat, get ideas and make new friends and hence have revived our IRC channel. 

Old timers and some of our earliest customers since 2007 are very welcome! Would love to see you all again. #bolehvpn

We can take support queries there but as we aren’t monitoring that all the time, best to drop an e-mail to support for the fastest response.