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IPTorrents Account Temporarily Down

Our IPT account has been misused and we are in the process of recovering it. Please hold while we restore it, we hope to have everything back up shortly.


6 Responses to “IPTorrents Account Temporarily Down”

  1. avatar IPTlover Says:

    When will this up?

  2. avatar Reuben Says:

    Doing our best :D

  3. avatar IPTlover Says:

    What happened? Someone started flame war?

  4. avatar zeleecher Says:

    Wow. That was fast. Last time happened it was on September, 4 months ago.

  5. avatar Zackler Says:

    Ah is that time again uh?

  6. avatar Prasad Says:

    IPT could start sending email confirmation link to bolehvpn email to continue with password change like most forum

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