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Migration Completed with New Portal System

Portal migration is completed. We noticed some minor bugs but this shouldn’t affect the end-user experience.

With the release of our new portal system, it is necessary to update your GUI to the latest version which is 1.0.1 if you’re using Windows. This ensures your GUI will continue updating with the new portal system.

You may do so by downloading it here. Thank you for your understanding.

15 Responses to “Migration Completed with New Portal System”

  1. avatar ShadowCape Says:

    How about some of the users people who are still on the openvpn GUI?

  2. avatar Reuben Says:

    No changes required then :D

  3. avatar ShadowCape Says:

    ah okay..gotta try the new gui soon though

  4. avatar Schadenfreude Says:

    erm, link no worky: Error 404 – Not Found

  5. avatar Schadenfreude Says:

    update: ok, got the link to work

  6. avatar calvin Says:

    Do i have to uninstall the bolehvpn gui on my pc be4 i install this or will it just overlap?

  7. avatar Reuben Says:

    @calvin: Please do uninstall first :D

  8. avatar gb Says:

    After downloading how can I be sure I upgraded to the new version? How can I check?

  9. avatar Richard Says:

    As I understand it, you have 3 different programmes
    BolehVPN L2TP Server
    Open VPN GUI

    Which one needs updating and how to discover what my current version is.

    I have all 3 installed and downloaded from your link but it fails to install.

  10. avatar Reuben Says:

    Dear Richard,

    If you’re using Windows, just use BolehVPN-GUI. You don’t need the rest.

    Uninstall the others first! If it shows 1.0.1 when you launch it you know you’re on the latest version.

  11. avatar Reuben Says:

    gb: On the title bar it should say 1.0.1 :D

  12. avatar Richard Says:

    This has always confused me.
    The one I use calls itself
    BolehVPN.exe and in its properties box claims to be
    The program itself has no way of showing its version number.

    The other 2 are historical left-overs (so maybe I should take them out ? ).

    BoleVPNSetup.exe was what I downloaded on 8th April 2012 – no version number given in properties and it fails to install.

    I am running Windows 7 Home Premium Service Pack 1 64 bit operating system on a Toshiba Satellite L510 Notebook

    Do I need to do more to fit in with what you have recently done ?

  13. avatar Reuben Says:

    Richard: All you need to do is uninstall existing versions including 0.2.3. 0.2.3 will not work with new portal system.

    I use the same system setup as you and install without any issues.

    Please use the link I provided even if you have downloaded it before just to make sure. It appears very clearly in the title bar the version number and alsin in the properties.

    Let us know if we can help you any further :D

  14. avatar Richard Says:

    Took everything out and downloaded the installer again.
    Ran it.
    Gave user name and password.
    Downloaded “new user” configurations
    And can now see v1.0.1 in title bar.

  15. avatar Reuben Says:

    Richard: Glad that it worked out for you.

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