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uTorrent & BitTorrent Hit 150 Million Monthly Users

This month, torrent users on uTorrent and BitTorrent have surpassed the 150 million user’s mark, as reported by TorrentFreak. This surge of users marks the largest amount of personal file sharing to date, and it looks like the numbers will only grow. This means that uTorrent and BitTorrent have grown a full 50%. It is estimated that there are now 250,000,000 BitTorrent users in the world today. Here’s what TorrentFreak had to say:

“Despite massive competition from cyberlockers, BitTorrent continues to expand year after year, and not just by a little. Today, BitTorrent Inc. announced that their two flagship clients increased their user base by 50 percent, to more than 150 million active users a month.
Most growth can be attributed to uTorrent, which more than quadrupled its number of monthly users in the last three years. The ‘tiny’ BitTorrent client went from 28 million monthly users in December 2008 to 132 million last month.
“This marks an amazing milestone for our company and we want to thank our loyal users and partners for their support. Our protocol and software clients have become some of the most pervasive pieces of technology in Internet history,” says BitTorrent Inc. CEO Eric Klinker.”

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