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Stop being inconsiderate

Even after reenabling IPT I have received many e-mails demanding for refunds because they saw IPT as an integral part of the service. They told me that ‘this was not the way to do business’ and that ‘this is a paid service’.

I suggest you look throughout our website and see where I actually advertised IPT as part of our service. I haven’t. This is a FREE GIFT so if you guys continue demanding from me a free gift that HAS ALREADY BEEN REENABLED, I will just switch access for the IPT account to those who donated to it. People like these are the very ones that don’t deserve access to a private tracker in the first place.

Stop being an ass. If you really like IPT, donate to it, don’t send nasty e-mails to me.

13 Responses to “Stop being inconsiderate”

  1. avatar edwin74 Says:

    sigh… should just go ahead and MAKE IT into an added paid-service… like those telcoms add on.

    IPT Access for rm3 bucks per month.

    U should get more then enough subscibers for IPT – who really are IPT users, to cover the monthly IPT overheads… if not enough – then open for donations… or increase monthly fee.

    & DOWN to those who are not grateful…

  2. avatar samlee860407 Says:

    just make it accessible to those who donated

  3. avatar raist86 Says:

    bunch of idiots..

  4. avatar pkrisnin Says:

    I like the idea of making it available to those who donate only.
    People tend to be more careful with things they pay for.
    But it would nice to set a standard for the donation something affordable by everybody.

  5. avatar Paul Says:

    These are probably the people who caused the problem in the first place. Pls dont renew their boleh membership the next round.

  6. avatar Rider Ankabut Says:
  7. avatar Rider Ankabut Says:

    Palm to Forehead

  8. avatar dukeaxr Says:

    man…does these people read before they sign-up?
    inconsiderate people like them should be banned from BolehVPN..
    even with first class service by Rueben and Co,
    they dare to send nasty e-mails for refund for FREE SERVICE?
    Rueben, you should just limit the IPT to those who donate or pay for it.
    then they will realise how much they depend on it..

  9. avatar pangolin88 Says:

    Hey Reuben
    No need to tear out all your remaining hair in frustration.
    Just take 3 deep breaths and think deep thoughts about where the human race is headed if there are such brainless idiots around. Then press the DELETE key on their email.

  10. avatar ningbob Says:

    Fuck all those stupid mindless people. (Marah betul dah ni)

  11. avatar mathir77 Says:

    huh, those people sucks, don;t care to read and understand properly the services offered by Bolehvpn, dumbass, learn to read la

  12. avatar azmi Says:

    shoot.. i still cannot find the new password in the forum…if there is a soul generous enough to help me, i’m at [email protected]..thank you.

  13. avatar Reuben Says:

    Make sure you are logged in.

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